Completed project Project Overview The Palm Tower project has been introduced to the local market by Dar Investment & Development in State of Qatar, This prestigious tower is the second project which has been regarded as part of the phenomenal projects for the company and it its completed now Palm Towers Developed by Feasibility Group a member of Injazz Constructions, and the owner of the Palm Tower is Dar Qatar Location The Palm Tower is located in the middle of (New Doha) at Cooperation Council Street which is considered to be the center of life and energy business hub for the largest and major international and local Business Environment Creating the ideal environment for your career? The Palm will nurture the ultimate scope to best serve your professional life and career. By providing comfort and high welfare, Palm relieves you from all burdens of daily pressures and hectic responsibilities. Whether you are an investor or a tenant, you will have enough time to think of what’s important while take care of providing your family’s haven, leaving you free to pursue your career with a complete peace of mind. On the other hand, the stores and exhibitions which compliment the shopping center, from a unique commercial opportunity. The location allocated to serve the twin towers in characterized with fast accessibility to various services and retail outlets. It also caters to a distinctive category and selective class of shopping for the tenants of the towers and its surroundings.

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