In forming its strategic and general objectives, the Group is relying on several resources derived by the Group from the accumulation of experience, its management team, its huge database in all fields of investment and economy, in addition to the data collected from the experiences of the sister and associate companies which make the objectives of the company conforming with the trends of the market and the best investment opportunities therein.

 General Objectives

  1. Invent and develop new concepts for investing in all potential fields of the business of the company, and translate all the concepts into real ideal practices, subject to localization in the countries adopting it.
  2. Increase the available sources in quantity and quality for owning or entering with its owners in strategic associations organized under the standards of the group.
  3. Create, organize, develop, and program public relations network in all potential economic sectors for utilizing the same as a basis for the activities of the group.
  4. Elect, employ, and train skilful employees to cover the vacancies specified originally in the structures of the group companies, and extend the employment period as much as possible.
  5. Develop the direct and indirect financial sources of the group, invest the said sources in the development of the current investment opportunities in order to achieve the best profits revenues.
  6. Develop a quality administration system governed by the modern administration standards, and professional leading skills in order to create administration systems, organizational procedures, and professional policies able to accommodate the general and special objectives, and to translate the same to work plans with results which can be subjected to measure and evaluation during specified periods.

  Specific  Objectives

  1. To make the group listed in the first one hundred international companies worldwide in the first three years of the business.
  2. Register one intellectual property at least in any field of the business of the group and sectors working.
  3. Make the Group an investment organization with ideal practices through quality, distinction, and ideal practices certificates during the first two years of launching it.
  4. Create data base in various fields related to the business of the Group which lists one thousand source in each sectors at least, during the first five years of the business of the Group in each country.
  5. Making strategic alliances in the financial, marketing, tourism, media, real estate, engineering, consultant fields, at least ten alliances in each sector during the first year of launching the Group.
  6. Achieving ten investment contractual opportunities during the three year of the business of the group, with results containing net profits not less than (20%), sales not less than AED 300 Millions, and development average of (20%) per annum for the following years.
  7. Activating all companies of the Group in projects having integral internal services, and in externally independent projects not less than five projects per annum for every company in the group.


 Sources of the Objectives

  1. Innovation & creativity.
  2. Human and financial resources.
  3. Understanding marketing and its information.
  4. Targeted profitability.
  5. Productivity and development.
  6. Achievements of the Management and contribution in development.
  7. Achievements of the workforce and improve it.
  8. The social, general, and moral responsibilities of the company.
  9. Available technology.

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