The Largest Screen In The World Vision Of a future Futuristic Project Media Hotel will be the first of its kind in the MENA Region. The project will be recognized by: the international partners (firms) who have been elected by the owner (developer) to execute the project. Further, the hotel will be equipped enough to be the hugest media business centre in the region, where businessmen can communicate the world within a minute. The project will provide a unique opportunity to small investors (capitals), to companies who devote high budgets for hotel nights requirements, to businessmen who spend a lot of nights in hotels, and to many other target groups in the market which will make the hotel of high demand product. Media Hotel is developed by one of Injazz Constructions companies. CP devotes very good resources to have this project professionally executed within the shortest period, which makes the developer provide the project with many competitive advantages such as the hugest TV screen in the world and the hugest studio also. Media Hotel will be operated by RAMADA, one of the most famous hotel management agencies in the world. The operator has started its technical services as a member of the selected recognized team. As a matter of fact, Injazz Constructions plans to have the project sold in shares (allotment of hotel nights), where target groups will be able to consume their nights themselves and/or let the management invest those nights of high ROI to allotment owners. This will facilitate the marketing process and expedite the selling of the rooms to target groups. However, the developer has selected a unique method of payment: forty eight monthly equal installments. Although this method of payment will create a critical financial cash flow, but it will facilitate the selling process to a very high level. Building Description The building is to be designed to express a unique project and business in the area, where the services provided are unique also. All levels of guests are considered, thus high level spaces and furniture will be the basic theme of creating this project. Further, the project is planned to be managed by one of the most famous hotel management chains in the world, which will add the values of this chain standards to the uniqueness of the building and furniture designs. The building will consist of 45 suites and 210 rooms, each suite will consist of two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchenette, and two bathrooms. Each room will consist of one bedroom, a living room, a kitchenette, and one bathroom. The bedroom will be located on the 1st floor of Block A, 11 floors on Block B, and 4 floors on Block C. all the rooms will be furnished and sold as a furnished hotel apartment. On the first floor, a multipurpose hall and a café will be established. On the ground floor, there will be a hotel lobby, the administration office, the restaurant, pantry, and cuisine, the recreational center and several rental offices. There are several parking spaces available, equaling 150 parking spaces, being located in the basement floor of the hotel establishment. The pool will be located on the ground floor. As mentioned earlier, a recreational center will also be available on the first floor of Block C. Target Groups Publishing Companies: News Papers, Magazines, Educational & Professional Books, Consumer Books & Magazines, Promotional Content, Online & Electronic Content, E-Books, Directories & Guides. Broadcasting Companies: TV & Radio Stations and Channels. These activities may establish their companies in the City premises. Film entertainment & Production Companies: Film Production & Distribution, Media Content Management & Provider, Film Content Rights Management, Production, Post Production and Animation. Media & Marketing Services: Direct Marketing, Promotional Services, Advertising/Communication & Public Relations Agency, Media Placement, Buying & Selling Media Presentation. Music Companies: Music Production & Recordings, Music Distribution, Music Publishing, Music Label & Rights Management, Music Promotion & Management. Media Support Service Companies: Broadcasting Hardware & Equipment, Satellite Services & Equipment Provider, GSM & Electronic Media Provider, Media Equipment Rentals, Digital Media. Services to the residents The services offered to the esteemed guests are various and advanced, which is targeted to bettering off the stay and making it a pleasant one. These services offered to the occupants will include: House Keeping services available at least 10 times a week Parking spaces available in the basement floors Competitive priced laundry services available on the hotel premises The tenant will be allowed to use all the services and premises of the hotel 24 hours a day Security available 24 hours There will be a pool and recreational center available on the ground floor From the restaurants of the hotel, the tenant will be allowed to ask for home deliveries to his/her apartment. Grocery deliveries to the apartments Small shopping areas in the retail places There will be a business center available within the hotel (For surfing the internet, typing, photocopying, translations …etc) Ticket booking and reconfirmations Bookings of trips and tourists activities Visa and residency services Car rentals Money Exchange.

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