Board of Directors:

The board of directors is comprising of individuals of high experience having the capacity of holding the group and/or the professional skills in different markets of the sectors in which the company is working and in particular, the real estates development. The board of directors shall not exceed seven persons, and shall not be less than four, presided by the chairman of the Group.

Chairman of Injazz Constructions:

He is the holder of majority of shares in the group’s companies, delegated and authorized by the Board of Directors to act as the chairman of the company, having the executive and consultancy capacity, and is authorized by the Board with all powers of the Board: the managerial, financial, and technical ones.

Major  Departments:

The group is operated through four major departments managed by the chairman directly. All of the four departments are working together to develop an investment or a project in accordance with well-organized and structured standards that are created by each department to complete the standards of the other three departments.

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