The Biggest Chairs In The World Vision Of a future Futuristic Project Where diversity of cultures & business backgrounds exist, the concept of an innovative & professional differentiated development pioneer has emerged. Today the concept has become reality, and it is labeled Injazz Constructions. Living up to its promising vision, CP is introducing “the Furniture City”…a one of a kind conceptual design that introduces a First in the global arena of the development industry; this concept will evolve into a corporate identity that will reflect the passion and hard work of the creative talents behind this master piece to bring an end product catering as a total package for consumers locally and globally. Mission & Objectives Of The Project Furniture City’s mission is to provide a unique, convenient, and differentiated shopping experience that is unforgettable ( serving the surge of supply & demand ). Through educating & assisting all clientele through their shopping experience, and through attracting global investors to the spot, Furniture City serves its clientele, business community, and society at large. Objectives Of the main objectives for the establishment of Furniture City is to reinforce laying- down the foundation of a magnet that attracts global investors to either purchase or gain franchising rights in many cities. Furniture City (a project with magnitude) has its own vision & mission through its comprehensive and detailed business plan that feeds a professional & scientific approach to doing business. Furniture City, and as part of the complete entertainment complex will introduce the I- Max theater concept to its total solutions shopping center theme. General Objectives Contribute to CP vision to become the capital of the world by creating the world’s capital of furniture. Contribute to making Furniture City an entertainment shopping center that molds the new rules of the shopping experience through creativity and design. Proposing a solution that tackles the issue of multi propose shopping centers by introducing the customized and focused total solution center. Introduction Furniture City, as expressed in its name, is completely new created concept of shopping centers where a community of furniture expresses itself professionally. All in one complex where time, effort and money are saved to be added to the value of any purchased piece of furniture or any service provided to customers. As a result to the rapid increase in the number of similar shopping centers in the area, specialized centers are expected to be the coming demand in the market. Most shopping centers depend heavily on the variety of products provided to visitors, while those visitors have never been investigated or questioned about their opinions or satisfaction. However, it might be possible to compare this unique shopping city with ordinary shopping center since a shopping center is only a part of this city. A full survey has been conducted on shopping centers to enlist all services provided in order to have those services “ just” a part in the present project. The “Furniture City” is being developed for its own objectives as a solution for the furniture market: both sellers and buyers. The idea is to develop the first furniture center in the region where all types and levels of furniture is available, and all related services are being devoted to facilitate the shoppers’ activities of collecting their furniture and have them shipped and installed. In a addition to the furniture, a huge package of paid and free supporting services will be provided. Description of the building The project is mainly two parts: the show rooms and the offices. All necessary facilities for offices towers and shopping centers are provided in a very standardized expression. The building (as illustrated bellow) is divided into seven parts where each has its own function and purposes to work together in creating the idea of a furniture business city . A full survey have been conducted on all shopping centers in order to determine a typical shopping center where all possible components are available. Shoppers have been also surveyed to measure their opinions about what makes a shopping center as typical as possible for them. Some of those components are available in present shopping centers, while many will be created by the present project: Furniture showrooms Kids areas Post office services Shipping services Taxi station Interior design services ( mostly free ) Newspaper magazines Mosques ( men and women) Restaurant and coffee shops Banking services.

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